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Another scene from my flash

2008-06-24 19:00:30 by Dookiemaister

haven't added any animations yet.

Another scene from my flash


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2008-06-25 20:44:54

Hmm, this scene would be nicer if the girl was dead and the guy was just sipping his lemonade and enjoying the sunset. Other than that it is quite swell.

Dookiemaister responds:

there's suppose to be a rocket flying in the horizon. then everybody dies. teh edn


2008-06-26 16:20:31

Hmmm...what is this untitled project...TITLED?

Dookiemaister responds:

penis adventures! i dont know. i cant give it a title when i havent even finished half of it.


2008-06-27 00:59:00

man i wish i could draw like you on flash :(

your flash will be awesome i must say. Keep it up dude.

Dookiemaister responds:

im warning you, i'll never get it done.


2008-06-27 16:28:13

And then she pulls a stick of dynamite from her asshole and blows everyone to smithereens.

Dookiemaister responds: