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want to make a flash movie

2008-06-20 00:07:39 by Dookiemaister

the only problem is i work real hard on it but never end up finishing it.
here's one scene of what i got done so far

want to make a flash movie


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2008-06-21 12:31:51

Phallus shaped space craft is the way of the future.

Dookiemaister responds:

only they can penetrate through the earth's atmosphere


2008-06-23 01:58:05

hot-damn, you're good

Dookiemaister responds:

no this is a horrible drawing!


2008-06-24 14:24:46

Jesus no wonder you never finish any Flash work, look how long you spend on one frame.

Awesome drawing though, but unless you have a team of animating slaves, you should probably get more cartoony to finish things. Or do a hell of a lot of tweening.

Dookiemaister responds:

i was considering making it like a comic, but then i got all these ideas of how i can animate a lot of things and just got sidetracked.
animating slaves would be nice though, but i never really work well with groups...