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i'd tap it

2008-06-11 14:52:42 by Dookiemaister

(got my tablet back today)

i'd tap it


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2008-06-11 22:01:22

I count 3 vaginas.

Dookiemaister responds:

wait till you see her back...


2008-06-12 14:12:29

Those bubbles mean just one thing.
She lets farts.

Dookiemaister responds:

or that could be her hormones acting up


2008-06-13 09:14:53

Machine designed for secks.

Dookiemaister responds:

is that a request? ill consider it


2008-06-13 13:40:10

I'd hit it like the fist of an angry God.

Dookiemaister responds:

well your fist better be big


2008-06-13 17:50:24

that looks distubing!!!

Dookiemaister responds:

whats disturbing about a naked alien chick with hundreds of vaginas and dildos for arms?


2008-06-15 00:05:46

My god.............eight men could have sex with her leg alone let alone her whole body. Think of all the lesbians with strap ons and someone films it all, you could make millions in the porn business with "talent" like this. lol

Dookiemaister responds:

you might be onto something there...


2008-06-24 14:28:36

This picture is both cute and disturbing. I love the pink bubbles, nice touch to the whole thing.